Caring for our little ones.



What is our mission?

The plan of the Children’s Ministry is, by the power of the Word, Fellowship, and Worship to produce disciples who:

  • Love and worship Jesus, teaching children the real whole truth of who they are and whose they are, and providing worship training with the goal of full participation in the church body;
  • Fellowship with and serve his church, forming life-giving relationships of mutual joy, and giving themselves away in service to others in childlike ways – the ways of Jesus’ kingdom;
  • Grow in fruitfulness, sharing in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that engenders joy in knowing him, a hope and certainty of heaven, and participating in his body with good deeds.
  • Grow in a biblical world and life view, recognizing and supporting our covenantal understanding that God is at work in families;
  • Grow in a desire to tell others about Jesus and his gospel.

What should my kids expect during worship service?

To those with young children, we would especially like to welcome you! We consider it a privilege to spend time with the next generation of believers (Psalm 78:4-7; Eph 6:1-4). To enjoy your time with us, may we suggest the following:

  • Relax! We believe the church is for all people, including children, and we want Cornerstone to be a church where children are both seen and heard! This is God’s house, his family, and all are welcome. So don’t worry if your children wiggle in the chairs or make a little noise! We invite you to keep your children in our service and help them understand what is going on, sing the songs with you, and participate in worship.
  • If you’re comfortable, sit toward the front where it’s easier for children to see and hear.
  • Parents are encouraged to quietly explain the different parts of the service so the children understand the various elements.
  • Sing the hymns, pray the prayers, and participate in the responses. Children learn how to worship by imitating their parents. We say parts of our worship service every week in order to help our non-reading children to participate.
  • In the back of the bulletin are helps for our children that are directly related to that Sunday’s service.
  • If you have to step outside of the worship area during the service, feel free to do so. But please come back. As Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” Let’s be sure to welcome the children so that they always know that the church is for them as much as it is for the rest of us! The presence of children is a gift to our church.

What are options for childcare during the service?

While we seek to provide our children with opportunities to worship in the worship service, we also want to provide a resource during the worship service for our families with little ones. As a church family, we recognize that it takes a village to raise those kids! So Cornerstone is happy to provide optional childcare during the worship service for families with children between the ages of 8 weeks to 4 years of age. You can take advantage of that resource before the worship service OR anytime during the worship service.

What should my kids expect in childcare?

We have a safe area designated for children between the ages of 8 weeks to 4 years of age. Trained and vetted volunteers will care for the children and provide plenty of age-appropriate books, toys, and games for your little ones!

How do I register my kids for childcare?

Just show up on Sunday morning! Childcare is located on the far side of the Lobby through the main entrance and Check-in is right by the childcare area. Our volunteers will help register your children on-site.

Do I need to prepare anything?

If you have an 8-week to 2 years-old, we ask that you prepare extra diapers, snacks, and beverages to leave with our volunteers. Make sure all diaper bags are labeled. Masking tape with sharpies will be provided for those that need to label their bags. For all other age groups, materials will be provided.

Who are our volunteers?

All volunteers have been screened by a background security check and vetted by our leadership. They are committed core group members of Cornerstone who are passionate about the discipleship of children and have received mandatory training on safety and procedures.

Kids 8 Weeks - 4 Years Old

Ways we're Gathering, Growing, & Glorifying.

Sunday Morning Nursery Team

As the family of God, we are tasked with caring for each other and that includes our littlest ones. By offering a nursery on Sunday mornings, not only are we loving the smallest amongst us, we are also loving our parents with small children. Please prayerfully consider caring for your Cornerstone family in this way!

Sunday Morning Nursery Team
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