the why of the church

Gathering people in Houston and growing together in life in order to be glorifying Jesus Christ.




the what, the so what, the how, the when, the where, and the who of the church

Practices (What will accomplish the purpose of the church?)

  • Word (the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament)

  • Fellowship

  • Worship (prayer and sacrament)

Goals (So what do we expect to see if we are accomplishing the purpose of the church?)

  • Fruitfulness: conversions, Christian character, good deeds

  • Biblical world and life view

  • Fellowship and Service

  • Evangelism and Missions

  • Worship (corporate and individual)

Presuppositions (How will we approach accomplishing the purpose of the church?)

  • Individual: there is both great commonality and diversity among individuals

  • Demographical: our ability to minister is affected by the character of the city

  • Pedagogical: there is a common learning process among all peoples

  • Theological: our ministry is carried out from a specific perspective that is for all peoples

  • Providential: God is at work accomplishing his purpose of the church in the world

Avenues (Where and When will we accomplish the purpose of the church?)

  • Large Groups: community; gathering and binding the whole group together

  • Small Groups: friendship; relating an individual to other individuals

  • One on Ones: intimacy; personal conversation is where much of ministry happens organically

*these avenues are both planned and unplanned

Participants (Who is accomplishing the purpose of the church?)

  • God the Father the Architect-Builder, the Son the Cornerstone, and the Spirit the Paradigm and Power

  • God’s People-House the Church through fellowship, worship, and the Word